The 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

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2016 Honda OdysseyThe 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

The 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite isn’t just a minivan. It’s the minivan engineered with practicality prioritized, zero style compromised, and safety technology optimized. The 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite is the minivan. You may be wondering what exactly “practicality prioritized” looks like. Well, it does not look like depending on a dying smartphone for directions. And it most certainly does not look like relying on a portable navigation system (as it inevitably flies off the dash as you turn). So it probably looks something like a vehicle charged, built-in navigation system. And it may even look something like a third row of seats, a built-in HondaVAC® vacuum with a long reach and removable waste bin, and a Honda DVD Rear Entertainment System with High-Resolution WVGA (800 X 480) Screen (capable of keeping the most rambunctious of riders amused with the power of pristine entertainment). In simpler terms, “practicality prioritized” looks a lot like the 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. And that’s pretty good looking. Its sleek, sly, aerodynamic design demonstrate why. Not to mention, its roofline spoiler doesn’t hurt either. Finally, luxurious leather seats help polish off the 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite’s radiating style.

But —just when you thought the Honda Odyssey 2016 couldn’t excel any further —consider its greatest, most important duty: to protect you and your loved ones. Its rearview camera, forward collision warning system, and lane departure warning feature, provide dynamic views of surrounding vehicle action. Thus, the Honda Odyssey 2016 enhances your alertness as the driver to enhance the safety of your loved ones. Additionally, the Honda Odyssey 2016’s daytime running lights amplify other drivers’ vision of your vehicle, further aiding in collision prevention. Even more so, its electronic brake distribution technology substantially minimizes potential wheel lockup. And, moreover, its antilock braking device discourages wheel lockup while aiding in the maintaining of steering control during sharp braking. Hence, just like it is safe to say the 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite is practical and stylish; it’s also safe to say it’s —well—safe.

Overall, every 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite inarguably radiates charm and encapsulates safety. But, each is finally further perfected by personalization. The Honda Odyssey Touring Elite offers seven exterior colors and twenty-two accessories to select from. Plus, its 170 cubic feet and eight passenger seats leave room for exactly what and whom you love. Clearly, the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite isn’t just a minivan for you; the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite is the minivan for you. For information on this exceptional vehicle, contact us at Keenan Honda in Doylestown, PA via our website or call us at (877) 621-4216

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