40 Years of Loyal Innovation – Happy Birthday, Honda Accord

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40 Years of Loyal Innovation – Happy Birthday, Honda Accord!


1976 Honda Accord and 2016 Honda Accord

40 Years of Loyal Innovation – Happy Birthday, Honda Accord! Forty years ago, a vehicle that would shape the way millions drive was born—the Honda Accord. Since its debut 1976 model, over 12.7 million Honda Accords have served individuals, couples, and families. Not to mention, Honda was the first Japanese company to produce in America. So, in 1982 when Honda launched its novel production facility in Marysville Ohio, numerous American workers were afforded jobs manufacturing the Accord.

Now in its 9th generation, this Land-of-the-Free trademark has evolved considerably. The original Accord, a modest three-door hatchback, sported an overall length of 162.8 inches. To put this into perspective, consider that the 2016 Honda Civic fashions a length of 181.8—19 inches longer than the original Accord. Now, contrast that with the current four-door Accord, which stands at 192.5 inches long. That means the Accord has grown over 29 inches since it premiered on roads. Additionally, the 1976 Accord exerted a maximum horsepower of 68. Today’s model more than doubles that with a horsepower capacity of 278.

Mirroring the Accord’s automotive progress, this vehicle’s audio capabilities have transformed too. When the first Accord hit roads in the ‘70s, Honda prided itself in helping to pioneer AM/FM installment in vehicles. Now, the Accord includes various methods to stream and play music through its 360-watt, 7-Speaker Premium Audio System, like Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and HondaLink®.

Similarly, the Honda’ Accord has revolutionized safety since its arrival forty years ago. The Honda Accord has elaborated upon its original safety methods, like seatbelts and robust structure, by establishing a series of quasi-autonomous, collision-prevention features. These include Honda Sensing™, the Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Braking System™, and the Road Departure Mitigation System.

As the Honda Accord has advanced over several decades, it has become one of the most popular midsized cars among young adults for the past five out of six years, according to Honda. The Accord has also been featured in Car and Driver’s 10Best list—thirty times!*  The Honda Accord has even outlasted the life cycle of entire car brands! Thus, through forty years of continuous revamping, innovating and evolving, the Honda Accord has become a traditional symbol of young adults, American families, and satisfied drivers.

*The Accord has just been named one of Car and Driver’s 10Best for the 30th time[1], giving it more appearances on the list than any other car in the magazine’s history. As our signature vehicle, the 2016 Accord upholds a legacy we started in 1976. With further design refinements and even more efficient performance, it’s our best Accord ever. Again. [1] Car and Driver, November 2015

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